Meet the Team

The faces behind Creative Benefits.


Brenda Barthelmess

Account Management

  • Health & Wellness Team
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Division Lead:  2 – 100 Market 

“What is challenging about our business is how it is ever changing.  What may have been the right answer yesterday may not be the right answer today, and because of that every question is a good question.  I learn something new every day.  The most important part of my job is building a relationship with the customers and earning their trust, so they know they can always come to me.  They are our greatest asset and very often they make my day…and hopefully sometimes I make theirs too.”

We have worked hand in hand with Creative Benefits, Inc. for over seven years.   As our broker, they have done an outstanding job of shopping for the best benefit coverage to suit our needs.  Their team is top notch and we have yet to encounter a problem they haven’t been able to resolve in a timely manner.

Our Senior Account Manager goes above and beyond our expectations in communication, and taking our concerns to the highest level possible in order to get them resolved.  She has followed through thoroughly and efficiently in any situation that has needed her attention.  She gives that “personal touch” by contacting you directly when she feels it’s needed.  We have peace of mind knowing we are in good hands with Creative Benefits, Inc.

Human Resource Manager
Warehousing, Transportation & Distribution Services