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Keeping you current and informed.

You may not remember where you put your insurance cards. You may not know the names of the medications you’re taking or the date of your upcoming doctor’s appointment. But you rarely forget your cell phone. With the Creative Benefits mobile app installed on your phone, you’ll have all of this information, and much more, at your fingertips.

Our phones inform us, entertain us and keep us in touch. They have become an integral part of our daily routine and are, there- fore, the perfect resource for housing benefits and health data.

Please review the app’s features below. Then, the next time you are texting, tweeting, emailing or banking, take a minute to download the CBI Assistant. It will help keep you current and informed about your most valuable asset, your health.




  • Benefits News: Important announcements about your benefits; news about healthcare topics in general.
  • Health Reminders: Reminders to have tests and exams conducted according to your age, gender and HHS guidelines.
  • Contact CBI: Names, numbers and email addresses of your Creative Benefits team members.


  • Confirmation Statement: Your specific benefit elections by plan and tier, as well as deductions, dependent and beneficiary information.
  • ID Cards: Images of the front and back of your Medical/RX, Dental and Vision cards.
  • Benefit Resources: Carrier websites, customer service numbers, plan descriptions.


  • Sections to enter your doctors’ contact information, medical conditions, medications, allergies and immunizations for you and all family members.


  • Links to various wellness resources.

*Access is limited based on technology requirements.

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We have worked hand in hand with Creative Benefits, Inc. for over seven years.   As our broker, they have done an outstanding job of shopping for the best benefit coverage to suit our needs.  Their team is top notch and we have yet to encounter a problem they haven’t been able to resolve in a timely manner.

Our Senior Account Manager goes above and beyond our expectations in communication, and taking our concerns to the highest level possible in order to get them resolved.  She has followed through thoroughly and efficiently in any situation that has needed her attention.  She gives that “personal touch” by contacting you directly when she feels it’s needed.  We have peace of mind knowing we are in good hands with Creative Benefits, Inc.

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