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Employee Newsletter – Spring 2015

Featured in this newsletter is information about being a savvy consumer, protecting your identity, living well and benefits news on Medicare. Please share this with friends and family.

Creative Benefits, Inc. will be changing up our Wellness Newsletter by making it a quarterly publication.  It will continue to include wellness information but will also be expanded to provide information that will make you and your employees smart healthcare consumers.  In this day and age it is so important that you understand your coverage.  As the cost of healthcare and health insurance continues to rise, making educated decisions about your coverage is vital.

Employee Newsletter – Spring 2015

“Creative Benefits has surpassed all brokers we have used in the past. Their “one to one” approach leaves you with a sense of security that whatever your issues are, they will be certain to do everything within their means and beyond to satisfy you as a client.”

Human Resources Manager
Cold Storage Transportation Industry