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4 Ways to Make Employee Benefits Work Harder for You

When employees are well informed about their benefits, they are more inclined to make smart decisions that protect their health and financial well-being. Furthermore, educating employees about the value and range of their benefits can cultivate trust and confidence with their employer, which can have a positive impact on recruitment and retention.

When it comes to understanding your workforce, learning how to manage the difference between how employees work and why they work is essential to promoting a healthy and productive environment.

“Employees feel good when their employer cares for them personally. They’re the key to the success of your business.” — Mark West, National Vice President of Business Solutions for Principal.

Below are four ideas for reimagining your business’ approach to employee support and benefits to help you better understand the unique needs of your employees.

Talk to Your Employees Personally

Treating your employees with respect goes a long way and can strengthen the personal bond between both parties. The more you see your employees as an investment, the more you’ll be inclined to implement employee benefits that can improve their work lives, while simultaneously benefiting your business.

Make Sure Your Employee Benefits Cover the Spectrum

Several businesses are boosting or maintaining benefits that are catered towards employees’ mental health and overall well-being. The following benefits continue to gain popularity among the benefits landscape:

  • Mental health resources in the form of telemedicine
  • Work-life balance programs and leave benefits
  • Generous Paid Time Off (PTO) and schedule flexibility
  • Disability benefits that cover a wide range of scenarios customized for each employee

Personalize Your Employees’ Career Path & Goals

A new study shows that employees want their employer to be more sophisticated when it comes to measuring productivity, emphasizing outcome over input, and value of work over volume. For example, an employer could supplement annual performance evaluations with a continuous bonus plan and “investment dialogue” customized to each employee.

Let Employees Be Vulnerable & Take Time to Recharge

The pandemic has heightened the focal point of mental health and well-being. Burnout rates are at an all time high across the United States, while mental illnesses have been exacerbated over several industries. As more employees open up about their mental health, the demand for benefits in this area will continue to grow. Which is why it is crucial for employers to do their best in understanding and accommodating the benefit needs of their employees to keep their organization engaged, safe and healthy.

Information provided by Fast Company

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