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5 Most Popular Benefits of 2023

In the competitive job market, employees are seeking job opportunities offering benefits that align with their needs. In a recent Gallup poll, 61% of the survey respondents said they consider work-life balance and well-being when weighing a new position. The poll reinforced the idea that employees value benefits equally as much as compensation.

Recently, Adzuna, an employment website company, analyzed workplace benefits being offered in job postings. The following are the most popular employer offerings of 2023, according to their research:

  • Tuition Reimbursement – More than half a million job postings highlighted this perk. The amount offered varied between employers and between education levels. Tuition reimbursement attracts prospective employees because it proves that the employer values its employees and their futures.
  • Family planning and building – In 2023, over a quarter of a million job postings mentioned enhanced maternity and paternity leave. Fertility benefits increased significantly in areas of health care, IT, and sales. Employers who support parents and those who want to become parents increase the number of interested candidates.
  • Health and wellness – Job postings that offered free therapy and counseling as a part of their mental health benefits greatly increased between 2020-2023. More companies are offering gym memberships and birthday leave in an effort to stand apart. Additionally, wellness benefits are attractive because investing in employee health could decrease medical costs by improving outcomes.
  • Flexible work schedules – Remote work and four-day workweek models have become increasingly popular, especially in the customer service, IT, and accounting industries. Despite the post-pandemic push to have employees return to work, 80% of employees want the ability to choose where they work and 94% want to determine when they work.
  • Volunteer days – Almost three-quarters of polled millennials seek jobs with strong social and environmental commitments. In response, thousands of job postings have already occurred in 2023 offering volunteer days in their list of perks.

Employee needs are constantly evolving, and it’s important for employers to stay informed on the latest popular benefits trends in order to stay competitive in the job market. In 2023, the most popular employee benefits prioritize tuition reimbursement, family planning and building, health and wellness, flexible work schedules, and volunteer days.