Health Vision Month

Anthem Taking Action to Help End Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is one of the most pervasive unmet social needs facing communities today and has been a major focus for health insurance carrier Anthem, especially now due to the pandemic’s exacerbation of the issue. Because of Anthem’s deep roots across the communities they serve, the carrier has been able to support and meet the increased needs of their most vulnerable consumers.

As part of this year’s Anthem Volunteer Days, Anthem’s African American Professional Exchange (APEX) Associate Resource Group set a goal to donate 20,000 food items this month via their Virtual Food Drive. The food drive allows associates to purchase food items that will be automatically delivered to their state’s neediest Feeding America food bank. With the generosity of their associates, they have already exceeded that goal by 50 percent, as incoming donations continue.

“We understand the impact food insecurity has on children and families in the U.S. and worldwide. Even our own Anthem associates have felt the effects of food insecurity which impacts heath outcomes, quality of life and more — which is why APEX creates national and local level campaigns to help thousands of consumers through community partnerships with the Anthem Foundation and other external organizations.”

APEX Enterprise Leadership Team

An estimated 54 million Americans have experienced food insecurity in 2020 alone, emphasizing the importance of the organization’s efforts to combat food insecurity in their local communities in a variety of ways.

Access to affordable and nutritious food is critical to a person’s overall health and well-being and remains a prominent focus for Anthem as they work together to tackle this complex issue.

Information provided by Think Anthem.