Flexible Spending Accounts and How They May Be Used

Attitude and mindset affect retirement preparation

Even before joining the workforce, many individuals already understand that it’s important to save for retirement. There are many ways to financially prepare, but there are certain traits that increase the chances of a timely and fruitful retirement. The top four traits are:

  • Over-optimism;
  • Mindful decision-making that accounts for the future;
  • Calculated risk versus reward system;
  • And high financial literacy.

The more of these traits a person possesses, the more likely they are to have accumulated greater savings and less stress regarding retirement. These traits allow a person to balance competing financial priorities and adapt when situations change.

Those who look forward to retiring are more likely to make present-day sacrifices by prioritizing long-term savings, establishing strict budgets, and even living below their means. By having a positive and optimistic mindset, a person can mentally set themselves to be financially proactive.


Before any concrete steps are made towards retirement, it’s important to adopt the right mindset and confidence. Retirement planning can seem daunting, but a positive outlook can make the long road to retirement purposeful and rewarding.