Blue Cross Blue Shield Launches AI Tools for Members

Health insurance can be difficult to understand for both employers and employees. In Minnesota, a new digital platform called Blue Care Advisor is utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to manage all employee filings, including claims, benefits, understanding deductibles, as well as customer service needs. The program uses a personalized program based on health goals and tests to assess clinical condition needs and steps.

Additionally, the AI program is being used to help find doctors, clinics and prescriptions while filtering them by individuals’ cost preferences. According to study from Tata Consultancy Services, 86% of healthcare providers, life science companies and tech venders currently use AI. The goal of the program is to ensure patients are quickly finding and making decisions that positively impact both their short-and long-term health.  

Member Benefits of AI

Blue Cross Blue Shield’s (BCBS) utilization of the tool seeks to better reach its members, allowing for improved service and shorter wait times. By doing so, they seek to deliver services which boost health outcomes for patients. By using data insights to partner with network providers, BCBS seeks to maximize the amount of data they will use to develop targeted interactions in order to improve the health of their members. 

Not only is BCBS utilizing the tool to better reach its members, but to also protect their data as well. In Massachusetts, BCBS is using AI to prevent criminal networks from accessing and using member data before they happen. Blue Cross’ Chief Data & Analytics Officer Himanshu Arora says they will continue to use AI in the future to advance their data protection.

The complexity of health insurance can be confusing for both employers and employees. As the healthcare industry evolves to better service its members, the dedicates Creative Benefits Inc. ESR team is here to help with any benefit questions you may have.