CBI CARES 2019 — Year In Review

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The mission of CBI CARES is to partner with non-profits, matching Creative Benefits employees with volunteer opportunities at charitable organizations. This program allows our team members to give time to, collect for, and raise money towards causes that are important to both our clients and us personally. CBI CARES continues to gain incredible momentum and is a terrific source of pride for our firm.

Taking 2019 into account, CBI CARES has now dedicated a total of 915 service hours to 34 causes since its inception. This past year alone, we were able to contribute 211 total volunteer hours to 13 local causes and organizations.

Read the CBI CARES 2019 — Year In Review to learn more about our volunteer efforts and the causes that have benefited from our service. If you’d like to see some photos of us in action, click here!

We’re interested in causes that are important to YOU!

If you are in need of a team of volunteers or know of a cause that needs additional aid, we welcome your email at solutions@creativebenefitsinc.com.

We ask that suggested opportunities meet the following criteria:

  • On-site volunteer opportunity where service hours can be contributed by a maximum of 5 volunteers
  • Donation of tangible goods (i.e. the collection of food, clothing, necessities, etc.)