Phoenixville Area Community Services Emergency Pantry Collection

Through a company-wide food drive coordinated by our very own Christa Wisneski and CBI Cares team, Creative Benefits was able to donate an assortment of food and grocery items, as well as make a monetary contribution to Phoenixville Area Community Services. Contributions like this equip PACS with the ability to continue its mission to end poverty in its community by connecting people in need with resources for food security, financial stability and better health.

Here is one account of the aid this organization has provided Phoenixville families:

“This past year we were able to help a family of 2 adults and 5 children who were displaced after they lost their home to a fire. The family was temporarily located to an area about an hour away from the children’s schools and father’s work. The father was exhausted from driving his children back and forth to school every day while working extremely long hours at a local restaurant. PACS was able to work with the local school to enable the children transportation to and from school via a bus. When a replacement rental home was found, PACS assisted the family with their first month’s rent. Shortly afterward, the father’s partner left, leaving him to work full time and care for his 5 children alone. PACS provided referrals to help him overcome that hurdle. Finally, the father found himself in need of heating oil right before a bad storm was forecast to hit. PACS was able to purchase 150 gallons of oil for the family to keep their home heated. As of today the family is back on its feet.”

“With the high cost of essentials such as food, shelter, utilities, and medicine, many families do not have the extra money tucked in savings to weather an unexpected crisis.” If able, please consider volunteering, donating goods, or making a monetary contribution to benefit Phoenixville Area Community Services in assisting and supporting families during their time of need.

Let us know what you’re doing in your very own community! The CBI Cares team is always looking for more opportunities to give, so send your local non-profit’s information to