University City Hospitality Coalition Sandwich Donation for the Homeless

Founded by a small group of students, clergy, and local residents in response to the death of Stanley Biddle, a local homeless man, the University City Hospitality Coalition came together in 1984 to “confront the bleak and tragic realities of homelessness in their own community.”  With over thirty years of service to the homeless and hungry in University City, Philadelphia, UCHC strives to:


  • Provide holistic support to the hungry in its community
  • Encourage respect and mutual cooperation among its guests and volunteers
  • Involve guests in significant roles such as maintaining order, helping with clean-up, and providing community news and information about support services and opportunities available to the UCHC community


Funded solely by donations, UCHC encourages volunteers to donate gifts of food or assist at a meal among other acts of kindness. Creative Benefits chose to get involved by making sandwiches and donating snacks to be passed out to UCHC’s guests on Saturdays. Guests of the nonprofit “find great pleasure in individually decorated white paper bags containing candy, cookies, nuts and other treats.” With the help of our incredibly talented intern, Katherine, as well as an abundance of CBI Cares volunteers, we were able to deliver 330 “meals of hospitality” throughout the summer, complete with Disney-themed drawings and uplifting quotes on the front of each bag full of goodies (pictured).


The CBI Cares team applauds UCHC’s work in its local community and are inspired by the nonprofit’s compassion for its neighbors. Visit University City Hospitality Coalition’s website to see how you can get involved this summer and beyond.


Contributing to causes that strengthen our community is a top priority at Creative Benefits. As always, if you know of any organizations in need of volunteers or donations, please email The CBI Cares team is always looking for more opportunities to give!