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Celebrating the Season, the Creative Way

There are so many ways people come together to enjoy seasonal festivities. We celebrated the season as a company by attending our annual Holiday Party, posing for fun photos for our holiday card, and partaking in a 2-week long Secret Santa.

The Holiday Party fostered the festive spirit and feeling of comradery. The afternoon was full of delicious food and beverages. It was refreshing to take a step back from our daily to-do lists and appreciate our relationships with each other. The company celebrated six milestone anniversaries with one employee celebrating 30 years with the company, four with 15 years, and one with 5. We also commemorated an employee for her 38 wonderful years with the company as she nears her retirement date. The end of the party was filled with holiday music and dancing.

This year’s holiday card was a lot of fun to make. The theme was Holiday Olympics with the entire team split up into holiday-themed teams, like Team Festive Sweaters, Team Buffalo Plaid, and Team Winter Gear. Each team took a series of fun photos which culminated into a comical and creative card.  This was an excellent way to connect with coworkers and feel re-energized while sharing our team spirit with card recipients.

Our Secret Santa Festivities were filled with sneaky fun! Participating employees were asked to complete a fun-filled questionnaire about themselves and put their paper in a beautifully wrapped present. Afterward, each participant picked a coworker’s paper from the box. For two weeks, we left silly, touching, or delicious tiny gifts for our Secret Santa based off the sheet they filled out. Each participant was excited to “go undercover” to make deliveries to their designated gift-getter. One team member even sent a colleague on a wild scavenger hunt to figure out the identity of their Secret Santa.

There is no one right way to celebrate the season. At Creative Benefits, Inc. our favorite way to celebrate is by showing our fellow coworkers we care. The party gathered the company together and highlighted important moments from the year. The holiday card provided team building opportunities and quick moments of togetherness.  Secret Santa was its own source of fun with the added layers of mystery and surprise.  No matter what you do this holiday season, surround yourself with people or things that make you happy. Happiness is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. Creative Benefits, Inc. wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season!