Health Vision Month

Chester County Food Bank — Supporting the Local Community

The Chester County Food Bank has gone above and beyond to give back to their community through numerous food drives, donations and educational programs. One particular group of volunteers, referred to as the “Tuesday Terrors,” offer their time every Tuesday morning to quickly and efficiently get food into the hands of those in Chester County struggling with hunger and food insecurity — two significant issues that have been heightened due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, an estimated 54 million Americans, including 18 million American children, are now food insecure. The limited availability of nutritional, safe foods has doubled and child food insecurity has tripled throughout the course of the pandemic.

Thanks to the Tuesday Terrors, the dedication and energy from each volunteer continues to help improve the lives of so many families and individuals. From processing donations to staffing events, the group has become a coordinated and well-trained team that can manage several tasks. From 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM every Tuesday, the group sorts donated foods, cleans veggies, packs Meals on Wheels, and pitches in wherever else is needed.

Motivated to be part of a socially engaging activity benefiting the entire community, Gerry and Sue Miller are two members of the diverse group of volunteers, who joined the Tuesday Terrors back in 2013.

“For Sue and me, the best parts are the camaraderie, and helping those in the community who might otherwise go hungry. You’ll meet a lot of wonderful people, volunteer in a very positive environment and discover that you are playing an important role in helping get food to people in need.” — Gerry Miller

The Food Bank is a central hunger relief organization with over 120 member agencies — ranging from pantries and shelters to faith-based organizations and schools — mobilizing their community to ensure individuals have access to real, nutritional food. While raising awareness and engagement around food insecurity among communities during this most challenging year, the Food Bank takes a steadfast approach to provide food and continues to build support in the neediest of neighborhoods.

To learn how you can get involved with the Chester County Food Bank in any capacity, you can check out their Volunteer FAQ page or email the organization at

Information provided by Chester County Food Bank.