Addressing America's Retirement Savings Crisis

Common and Uncommon FSA Purchases

As the year draws closer to the end, many plan years do as well. For those whose health plan renews soon and who have a flexible spending account (FSA), it’s important to spend down your surplus FSA money. Individuals will be able to carryover up to $610, but any amount more will be forfeited.

Spending FSA money

If your deadline is approaching soon, then spending your funds on doctors’ appointments or copays is likely not feasible. To spend down your surplus funds fast, consider visiting the FSA Store, at The FSA Store offers over 2,500 eligible products, including:

  • Sunscreen – no matter the season, experts say your skin needs protection.
  • 23andMe – your FSA funds can help you unpack your family’s health and genetic history.
  • Feminine hygiene products – sanitary products are always helpful to have and will be used.
  • Migraine and eye relief masks – you can try a new way to relieve pain.
  • Cold and flu medicine – this is the perfect season to stock up on cold and flu supplies.
  • COVID-19 at-home tests – these tests last a while and can be useful to have nearby, in the event that testing is needed.
  • Skincare – winter is dry season for many skin types.
  • Breast pumps – being a parent can be expensive, so using your FSA funds on mom and baby care can help save money.
  • Massage guns – treat muscle tension this holiday season.


If you have any questions about your FSA, contact the Creative Benefits, Inc. ESR team. They can provide you with your deadline or grace period timeline to spend your FSA money and so much more!