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COVID-19 Sparks Significant Growth in Virtual Care

Across the nation, our healthcare system has had to face a plethora of challenges. The COVID-19 crisis continues to place high demand and stress on healthcare workers, specifically, those on the front lines of patient care and treatment. Virtual care has surfaced as one of the best solutions to address this increasingly high volume of patients.

Virtual Care Growth

According to a consulting and market research firm, Frost & Sullivan, the COVID-19 crisis has acted as a ‘catalyst’ propelling forward cutting-edge technology in virtual care.

“Today, telemedicine has become the standard of care, driving a rise in service providers and in the need for service standardization across the continuum of care.”

Reenita Das, Transformational Health Senior Vice President and Partner at Frost & Sullivan

Since the beginning of the crisis, various sectors of the healthcare industry have uncovered a greater need for the use of telehealth. For example, the following has been reported:

  • An increased demand in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud platforms in the hospital industry.
  • A rising demand for operational efficiency tools in the medical technologies industry.
  • An unprecedented demand for telemedicine solutions, enhanced clinical decision support systems, and improved data and security platforms in the digital health industry.
  • The virtualization of clinical trials and point-of-care testing services in the life sciences industry.

As these opportunities for growth continue to be presented, firms like Frost & Sullivan anticipate that the post-COVID-19 telehealth market will see unprecedented expansion in adoption and use.

Information provided by the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal.