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CVS Expands Access to Mental Health Resources

According to a survey by virtual mental health platform, Ginger, 70% of workers say this period, that is the COVID-19 pandemic, is “the most stressful time in their entire professional career.” On top of that, approximately 88% reported experiencing moderate to extreme stress in 2020. Remote work has accelerated the adoption of telehealth benefits that provide professional coaching, wellness apps and virtual therapy services, however, employers continue to search for effective resources to help their employees combat high levels of stress. 

Aiming to alleviate strain on providers and expand access to mental health resources, CVS is launching a new initiative by adding virtual and in-person behavioral healthcare offerings to patients in HealthHUB locations. This will grant patients access to clinical social workers able to understand their needs, assess their symptoms, and write referrals to see a specialist best suited to assist with their mental health and well-being.

“The traditional mental healthcare system is complex and it can be very difficult to access. Especially in an environment where so many people need it, we’re here to provide a member-centric approach and meet people wherever they’re at on this journey.” — Cara McNulty, President of Aetna Behavioral Health

For insured patients, these social workers can help map out what is included in their benefits packages; and for uninsured users, HealthHUBs will connect them to local resources within their community. “Part of the existing mental health system is that people have to wait weeks to get in and they don’t know where to go,” McNulty says. Knowing that more help can be made readily available provides peace of mind to employers and patients.

Throughout the years, CVS has and continues to proactively support individuals on their journey to achieve mental well-being, as well as build mental health resiliency among patients, provide emotional well-being and social determinant support for those struggling, and offer robust clinical support and case management for individuals with mental illness.

With 34 new locations slated to open in the spring of 2021, HealthHUBs are currently only available in Houston, Philadelphia, and Tampa.

Information provided by Employee Benefit News.