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CVS Health Completes Acquisition of Aetna

Announced November 28, 2018, CVS Health, the nation’s premier health innovation company, has completed its acquisition of Aetna. This venture is speculated to have transformative impacts on the industry and the way consumers access health care.

In an announcement released yesterday, Aetna revealed that the goal of the

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acquisition is “to help transform the consumer health experience through a new innovative health care model that is easier to use, less expensive and puts consumers at the center of their care.” The new combined company “will have a local focus, engaging consumers with the care they need when and where they need it.” This will ultimately “make a complicated system simpler for all and will help people achieve better health at a lower cost.”

With the mission of helping people on their path to better health, Aetna is committed to “leading change in the health care industry by challenging the status quo with new technologies, business models and partnerships.”

Aetna has assured us that this transition will be seamless for clients, as all will continue to receive the same level of products, service and support.

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