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Direct Primary Care Solutions Rise to the Surface

As healthcare costs continue to rise, solutions to combat these costs are becoming more and more essential. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is rising to the surface to do just that.

What is DPC and how does it work?

DPC is an innovative alternative payment model to traditional primary care. It grants better access to high functioning healthcare and provides substantial savings to patients.

To retain a DPC membership, you pay a monthly fee to a DPC provider that covers most of what the average patient needs. This includes visits and drugs at lower prices opposed to accepting insurance for a routine visit. As a result, the utilization of DPC will ultimately lessen an individual’s healthcare expenses. 

Many DPC providers do not operate under the typical fee-for-service model, allowing providers to spend more time with their patients. According to research, patients who have a good relationship with their doctor receive better care and are happier with the care they receive.

Do I still need health insurance?

DPC is for primary care, so it is strongly recommended to have health insurance in the event of an emergency. DPC will not take care of catastrophic injuries, surgeries, or trips to the emergency room.

With that being said, having health insurance can be a good way to offset the cost if you require healthcare beyond primary care.

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