Lowering Out-O-Pocket Healthcare Costs

Employers Plan to Expand Virtual Benefits Beyond Pandemic

Employers have consistently been pushed to adjust their benefits to accommodate employees’ mental health, caregiving, financial and well-being needs, which have been exacerbated due to the pandemic.

According to a survey by Wellable, the majority of employers plan to keep social distancing and sanitary measures prevalent in their workplace post-pandemic. Employee engagement strategies, such as telemedicine services and flexible scheduling, will also continue to be top-of-mind for employers, as 93% will continue to expand such offerings. With that said, virtual benefits have been trending within the benefits marketplace at a rapid pace, as employees and families have had to adjust to life primarily at home to remain compliant with state and local guidelines.

According to research from Fidelity Investments, more than a quarter of employers have boosted employee health benefits, including childcare, physical wellness, and mental health since the pandemic began. With health, safety and work-place productivity all playing major roles in an organization’s success, 88% of employers look to add additional mental health resources to their benefits package.

“Leadership support and understanding is critical to building a supportive work culture. It is not only an investment in employee well-being, but also in leadership, making managers more empathetic and approachable for their team members.”

Brighid Courtney, Director of Wellable Labs

Throughout the pandemic, employee benefits have strengthened the relationship between managers and employees. Empathy and understanding of challenges faced will continue to benefit the workplace well after the pandemic is over, Courtney stated.

As 2021 continues, it is crucial that employers do their best to understand and accommodate the benefit needs of their employees to keep their organization engaged, safe and healthy. It is just as important for employees to seek out what is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and quality of life.

Information provided by Employee Benefit News.