Lowering Out-O-Pocket Healthcare Costs

Ensuring a Successful Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is an opportunity to showcase an organization’s benefits package and the value it provides to employees — with the hope of curbing rising turnover rates. Within the last year, employees’ priorities have changed. Consequently, employees may be seeking enhanced offerings to better protect their health and well-being, while also looking for expert guidance on how to optimize their current benefits.

“Employees are more concerned about their physical health, stress levels and financial well-being. Employees want a fresh start, so it is critical that employers strive to attract and keep workers.” James Bernstein, U.S. Health and Benefits Midmarket Leader for Mercer.

Benefits that are receiving increased attention this year include mental health support, remote-work flexibility, long-term disability protection, financial programs, supplemental child support and elder care support. Employees have also expressed higher interest in having a wide array of voluntary benefits, even if they are required to pay full or partial premiums, such as pet insurance, legal services, and ID-theft protection.

Keep in mind, gaining employee feedback ahead of enrollment also shows a meaningful interest in employees’ needs and unique lifestyles. Consider an open enrollment communication strategy that begins early, provides ample educational resources, and includes multiple avenues of distribution.

When employees are kept informed and engaged in their employee benefits program, they are empowered to make thoughtful decisions that protect their health and financial well-being. Educating employees about the value of their benefits can improve employer perception, yielding a positive impact on retention.

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