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Goals for 2014

LinkedIn Update January PackageIt should come as no surprise to hear that there is a direct correlation between the cost of an organization’s health benefits and the lifestyle choices of the employees and their families. As the Affordable Care Act is unveiling itself and costs continue to rise, we are encouraging all of our clients to incorporate WELLNESS & UTILIZATION strategies into their strategic plan for 2014. Creative Benefits Inc.’s Wellness goal for 2014 is to broaden our reach and “Bridge the Gap” between individuals and the information they need to make better choices for themselves and their families. Our website was under construction but is now live:

The enhancements to our website allow us to communicate in real-time with our clients & our communities and to empower individuals to make better lifestyle choices. We have a Wellness Blog:

Creative Benefits Inc. Wellness Blog 

This is hosted on our website that will focus on disease awareness, management and prevention. We have a Facebook page to “Drive Wellness throughout our Communities” at:

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Some posts will include:

  •  Medical Benefits Mondays: Helping consumers to better understand health insurance and how to use it effectively.
  •  Wellness Wednesdays: Helping consumers understand relevant disease conditions and make better choices for themselves and their families.
  •  Feel Good Fridays: Just a little something to make your day a little bit brighter…a recipe, something seasonal, and uplifting quote.

We have a LinkedIn page to provide updates on Health Care Reform and relevant Industry News:

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The end goal is to better educate employees and their families and create well informed consumers who understand how to use their benefits and the resources available to them to drive positive change.

Be Well,

Your friends and Creative Benefits Inc.