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Health Insurance Carriers Extends COVID-19 Relief Efforts

As the current pandemic continues to raise health concerns, many health insurance carriers have taken the initiative to ensure members have continued coverage for and access to COVID-19 related testing and treatment.

For instance, Cigna announced they have extended their previously announced support for customers, by implementing the following COVID-19 relief efforts, which are effective immediately:

  • Waiving cost-sharing for all in-office or telehealth visits from primary care providers and specialists, including behavioral health.
  • Extending previously announced policies, including no cost-sharing for COVID-19 testing and treatment.
  • Doubling number of meals available to Medicare Advantage customers at no extra cost following a hospital stay.

The relief efforts stem from the company’s continued commitment to enabling access to simple, affordable, and predictable healthcare for its members. As shown in recent months, health insurance companies have, and continue to make it a top priority to assist customers with attending to both their mental health and physical well-being in a setting that works best for their individuals needs.

“COVID-19 has affected all age groups — physically, financially and emotionally. We want everyone to focus on getting and staying well — including those being tested for and diagnosed with the virus and their loved ones — and not having to worry about how they will access or afford the care and services they need.”

Brian Evanko, President of Cigna’s Government Business

Other carriers have stepped up by extending and expanding similar relief efforts such as Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware. To help ensure that members can access needed care through telehealth, Highmark BCBS of DE has expanded the list of telehealth services that are covered, including physical, occupational and speech therapy that does not require physical touch by definition, as well as behavioral health services. Additionally, the carrier extended coverage for member who require in-network, in-patient hospital care for COVID-19 with no cost-sharing (such as deductibles, co-insurance, and copays) through at least September 30, 2020.

Highmark BCBS of DE has also expanded access to tele-addiction services for members in PA, WV and DE who are in addiction treatment and need immediate help, or who may not be able to access their regular provider during this time. These services continue to be covered without any cost sharing for members. For more information, visit or review the carrier’s latest press release.

For more specific carrier information, we encourage you to visit your carrier’s website to learn their continued efforts to combatting the coronavirus and the impact to plan members.

To learn more about Cigna’s extended relief efforts, click here.

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