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Highmark Launches Online Tool to Meet Critical Needs

Due to the increased need for access to social service resources, Highmark Inc., Allegheny Health Network (AHN) and Gateway Health have partnered with Aunt Bertha to provide a free resource tool for individuals facing food, housing or other crises during these difficult times.

The Aunt Bertha directory contains geographic-specific information on social service agencies and community benefit organizations (CBOs) across the United States. Online users will only need to enter their zip code, followed by application of filters to encompass their specific needs, to access local options. The service is free and has no income constraints for users.

About Aunt Bertha

Aunt Bertha’s mission is to connect all people in need and the programs that serve them with dignity and ease. The online tool allows users to find nearby CBOs, making it easier for individuals to access social service options in their neighborhoods. Thanks to Aunt Bertha, non-profits have an easier time coordinating their efforts, while healthcare providers can integrate social care into their work more appropriately.

The company serves more than 175 customers across the U.S., ranging from healthcare systems, payers, higher education, housing developments, and more. The online tool is available to all members and patients served nationally.

“We’re honored to be partnering with the teams at Highmark, AHN and Gateway Health, and we continue to be impressed with their innovative approaches to helping their members and patients.”

Erine Gray, Aunt Bertha Founder and CEO

Highmark has strived to address social needs for decades. The Aunt Bertha initiative is just one of many led by Highmark’s Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) task force . This partnership was established following a recent announcement where Highmark granted $2 million to organizations focused on helping people in need across Northeastern states during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information provided by Allegheny Health Network News. For more details about Aunt Bertha, click here.