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How are Family Planning Benefits Shifting the Workforce?

Individuals today have been increasingly looking for alternative pathways to starting a family, such as adoption, surrogacy, and fertility treatments. According to research from EBN, 42% of employees considered not having fertility benefits to be a deal breaker when accepting a new job, especially regarding a lesser extension of pathways such as surrogacy and fertility treatments.

It is important to note for employers that taking notice of these extensions may aid in attracting and retaining a larger segment of the growing workforce. Additionally, family benefits may aid in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, while as many as 63% of prospective LGBTQ+ parents seek alternative methods to starting a family as well.

According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 6 are affected by infertility. While IVF provides treatments to conceive children, paying out of pocket is difficult for many. Coverage benefits provide aid to families; however, coverage limits may still leave them to pay thousands out of pocket.

Recently, employers have begun noticing the importance of alternative family planning. There are a variety of ways that employers can offer additional support. Some benefit programs offering educational videos, prenatal classes, screening tests, and nursing support may be offered virtually. Additionally, some plans are beginning to extend towards non-medical surrogacy fees, adoption fees, family coaching, and many more.

Family leave has also aided in providing individuals with the time off to aid in the emotional and physical impacts of starting a new family. These new benefit plans have largely helped those starting new families and dealing with loss as well. Amongst employees and LGBTQ+ community members, access to resources that support the family planning process have grown increasingly, in addition to the desire to facilitate more accessible treatment plans through insurance benefits.

If you have questions regarding family planning or fertility benefits, Creative Benefits, Inc. is available to help you identify if any additional wellness benefits are accessible through your current medical plan. Additionally, for any interested employers, Creative Benefits, Inc. can aid in partnering with third-party wellness vendors as well. Please contact your dedicated team member with further questions or inquiries.