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Trust Our ESR Team to Help

Maybe it’s time to change your HR strategy… we can help!

Depositphotos_44904213_m-2015At Creative Benefits, our Employee Service Representative (ESR) Team is available Monday – Friday with extended business hours! There is NO automated phone system here… each call gets answered by a live team member ready and willing to help. From choosing plans during open enrollment, to finding the right doctors, and how could you forget those frustrating claims that get denied and your employees want answers now not later!

Businesswoman scratching her head against blue chalkboard with business buzzwordsA partnership with the Creative Benefits ESR team, will transform your HR department from the administrative dumping grounds of yesterday to a strategic resource center of tomorrow. HR is about driving productivity! Celebrating customer service week beginning October 5th, we are thankful for our amazing ESR team led by Charmaine Harrison-Tummings. Celebrate with us and leverage our expertise in personalized engagement for better benefits administration.

Charmaine“My favorite phrase ‘Treat others the way you would like to be treated’. Working in the Health Insurance industry has given me the opportunity, even more so these days, to provide our clients a stress free community to rely on. Creative Benefits is built on going above and beyond for everyone from the packer to the CEO. With the ever changing insurance market we are equipped to make your world a better place.”  ~Charmaine