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Make the Most Out of this Holiday Season

With Christmas and New Years around the corner, we are in the thick of the holiday season. This time of year can be a tremendous source for joy and camaraderie, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming and cause a great deal of stress.

It’s important to ask yourself, “What are my major stressors during the holidays?” From there, take the necessary steps to plan ahead to ensure you feel more at ease and can enjoy this wonderful time of year.

Keep the following tips in mind to help reduce stress this holiday season:

Minimize Stress

  • Enjoy the present and try not to worry about what may be lacking.
  • Make time for yourself and your needs, even when hosting guests in your house.
  • Stay active and limit your alcohol intake.
  • Don’t feel you must fill all family obligations, especially if something makes you feel unhappy.
  • Make a to-do list in chronological order and keep tabs on your holiday spending.
  • Make a budget and stick to it.

Eat Healthy

  • Make socializing a top priority; making conversation will keep you occupied and away from food.
  • Reduce your portion sizes to avoid overstuffing yourself.
  • Provide a low-calorie alternative meal or dessert if you have volunteered to bring a dish.
  • If you are hosting, use it to your advantage by substituting high-fat or calorie-heavy ingredients with healthier choices.
  • Substitute ice water with lemon or non-caffeinated soft drinks for alcoholic beverages.

Be a Prepared Traveler

  • If you are flying, pack wisely and plan ahead. Keep prescriptions, glasses and other overnight basics in your carry-on incase a checked bag gets lost.
  • Stay hydrated to help with jet lag and/or feeling sick.
  • Check in for your flight online, if possible, to avoid waiting in line at an airport.
  • If you are driving, try to do most of your driving during non-rush hour times to avoid bad traffic.
  • Make sure you are taking a break and limit yourself to eight hours of driving each day.
  • Lay off caffeine and eat balanced meals.

With all the activities and planning that goes into the holidays, it’s important for all of us to remember to breathe and think of our own happiness in addition to others. To live in the present moment.

Making your physical and mental well-being a top priority, along with taking the necessary steps to make the most out of this special time of year, could be the boost you and everyone needs.

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