Heart Disease is the Second Costliest Ailment for U.S. Employers

Medical Debt & Preventative Measures

According to a survey performed by Goodroot, 43% of U.S. workers are affected by medical debt. This occurs simultaneous to the 48% increase in which employers have contributed towards their employees’ family coverage.

Factors that are impacted by medical debt can include: the ability to pay certain living expenses, delayed medical care, as well as increased debts. Employees may be unaware of the resources available through their workplace and also Creative Benefits, Inc. Creating good financial habits can establish an understanding of costly expenses and how they can be reduced. Here are some tips that may aid in avoiding extra expenses:


  • Review medical bills carefully – Medical bills can be confusing. It is important to review them thoroughly to avoid unneeded expenses. Receiving an itemized bill will help to better understand the breakdown of each procedure or service that has been provided.
  • Understanding in- and out-of-network – When going to an urgent care, doctors’ office, or lab, be sure to be using in-network offices according to the provided insurance plan to avoid high expenses. Any service out-of-network will result in an increased cost.
  • Organize medical documents and bills – By organizing bills and other important medical information, it can help keep track of expenses. In doing this, it may also prevent overcharge of services or medical prescriptions.
  • Resolving bills and disputes – Verifying the amount due can help determine the remaining balance on a bill. Paying bills in a timely manner can prevent the accumulation of interest. This interest increases the overall amount paid.


As an employer, it is helpful to provide resources for employees to recognize and prevent financial debt. Be sure your employees are utilizing our ESR Team, as each member is trained to help with incorrect medical bills, identify in-network providers and facilities, and act as a liaison for any claims issues.