Our Subsidiary, MedLeave Solutions, LLC

At Creative Benefits, Inc., we pride ourselves on building service around our clients’ unique needs. In an effort to accommodate frequent requests for FMLA and leave administration support, we created a designated FMLA and Leave Management Department.

The superior service provided by this team became a pillar of our business and grew significantly. We found the next logical step was to form a subsidiary solely devoted to FMLA and Leave Management services, known today as MedLeave Solutions, LLC.

With years of experience administering all types of leaves, the MedLeave team serves as a trusted partner to its clients and ensures:

  • overall decrease in costs
  • boosts in productivity
  • improvement of employee health and morale
  • ease of administrative burden
  • peace of mind necessary to pursue business goals

Visit MedLeave Solutions’ LinkedIn page for updates in regard to statutory and federal changes to FMLA and paid family leave laws.