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Prioritize YOU & Your Health This Holiday Season

The holidays are often a time of joy, when we give to others through gifts, cards, family meals, and precious time. It is a beautiful season where we often put the needs of others ahead of our own; which can sometimes lead to increased levels of stress and burnout. We are here to remind you that it is essential to find time for you, too. To ease the holiday hustle and bustle, plan ahead and make sure you carve out time for self-care.  

Anticipate & Identify the Cause(s) of Holiday Stress

It is essential to your well-being and those around to look inward to identify causes of holiday stress. When you understand what triggers these feelings, you can be proactive and alleviate the negative impact it may have on you; allowing you to spend more time to enjoy the present moment.

These feelings may be triggered by:

  • Seasonal Monotony
  • Difficult Family Relationships
  • Traveling
  • Shopping
  • Financial Stress
  • Lowered Immune Defenses
  • Unfulfilled Expectations
  • Unpredictability of the Future

Given today’s circumstances and the planning that goes into the holidays, it is important for all of us to remember to breathe and prioritize our own happiness in addition to others. Below are various tips you can put into practice to reduce holiday stress:

Make Time for Yourself and your needs, even when hosting guests in your house.

Set a Budget and stick to it.

Make a To-Do List in chronological order and keep tabs on your holiday spending.

Take a Break and Breathe, do not feel you must fill all family obligations.

Enjoy the Present Moment and try not to worry about what may be lacking.

Be a Prepared Traveler by packing wisely, giving yourself time, and taking breaks.

If you anticipate high levels of stress, anxiety, or uneasiness this holiday season, talk to someone — whether it be your supervisor, colleague, friend, or therapist. They may be able to help you identify stress triggers, direct you to valuable resources or help you realize you are not alone.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Creative Benefits Team at 866-306-0200 or solutions@creativebenefitsinc.com.