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Prioritizing Employees’ Needs with Our ESR Team

According to Forrester Research, around 71% of surveyed HR teams believe their employees do not fully utilize their benefits. HR teams are often equipped to answer basic health insurance questions; however, the more technical questions become difficult to answer without a background in the industry.

Fortunately, our Employee Service Representative (ESR) team serves as a proud extension of our clients’ HR team. This team is the dedicated, primary resource for employees requiring benefit-related support. The ESR team is comprised of benefits specialists with over 65 years of combined industry experience who are dedicated to helping employees solve insurance issues. These industry veterans know their way around the complexities of regulations and details that characterize today’s medical insurance marketplace.

Our ESR team is not a typical call center because our highly trained representatives are fully committed to our clients and their employees. Dedication and care for every individual who reaches out for help is what sets our customer service apart. Each ESR team member stays involved with an employee until a clear resolution to their issue is found.


Setting ourselves apart

There are three categories in which we set ourselves apart and enhance employee experiences. We offer:

  • Enrollment support. Enrolling in benefits can feel overwhelming, especially when facing multiple options. When employees reach out for help, the ESR team is able to review benefit options, explain common terms, and break down plan requirements to help employees make more informed benefits decisions.
  • Day-to-day benefit support. After enrollment, our ESR team is just as accessible and willing to help as during open enrollment. The ESR team can answer important and time-sensitive questions regarding their plan information. If an employee needs help locating an in-network provider or facility, ordering an ID card, or reviewing their plan structure, the ESR team can provide timely and accurate assistance.
  • Advocacy support. Billing and claims issues are common in the healthcare industry, and obtaining assistance from carrier representatives can be time-consuming and complicated. The ESR team is capable of explaining bills and, when necessary, acting as a liaison between the employee and the carrier in order to resolve an incorrect bill or denied claim.


Health insurance is complicated, which is why we offer our ESR team as a way to ease employees’ minds and provide them with the answers they need.