Proposal For National Paid Family and Medical Leave Program

In recent budget proposals, President Biden introduced to Congress a request for a national paid family and medical leave program, in addition to mandatory paid sick leave. The Social Security Administration would oversee the plan with a budget of $325 billion. This plan, proposed for the 2025 fiscal year, would provide eligible employees with partial wage replacement for up to 12 weeks of leave.


Eligible workers would be able to take leave:

  • To care for a seriously ill loved one;
  • To heal from their own illness;
  • To care for and bond with a new child;
  • To grieve (up to 3 days) the death of a loved one;
  • To manage situations surrounding a love one’s military deployment; and
  • To escape from a domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking situation (safe leave).


Additionally, the plan requires employers to provide all workers with 7 paid days of job-protected sick leave. The budget would provide $10 million to aid states in the expansion of access to paid leave benefits. This budget has been proposed in the past and will go to Congress for further debate. Currently, only 43% of the workforce has access to short-term disability coverage, leaving 57% in need of paid family and medical leave.


Creative Benefits, Inc. will release updates as more information is made available.