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Prudential Expands Mental Health Benefits through Mobile Platform

With COVID-19 exacerbating the mental health crisis employees were experiencing even before the pandemic, Prudential Group Insurance saw a need for change and partnered with NeuroFlow to expand their mental health benefits for employees on disability leave.

NeuroFlow, a digital behavioral health integration platform in the form of a mobile app, identifies at-risk employees using data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). With this information, employees are given access to care coordination services and crisis intervention resources, as well as self-service tools for psychoeducation, relaxation, and coping skills training. The app serves as an additional tool for employees to use to tap into for a sense of connectivity and helps them prepare for their future in the workplace.

“There’s such a shortage of mental health professionals in general and so we’re seeing markets and the mental health industry move towards digital applications and telehealth. We wanted to explore that and see if that is a viable way to help folks gain access to care.”

Dr. Kristin Tugman, Vice President of Health & Productivity Analytics for Prudential Group Insurance

Employees can feel extremely disconnected from their coworkers the longer they are out, Tugman stated. In response, Prudential expanded their care offerings after concluding that they needed a better way to encourage employees to manage the anxiety that stems from the circumstances of disability leave.

According to the Mental Health Index by Total Brain and the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, employees reported a 48% increase of risk of depression between November and December of 2020. Additionally, overall employee focus plummeted 62% during the same timeframe — the highest drop since February 2020.

Tugman and her team continue to work towards their goal of raising awareness of mental health within the workplace, through manager training and anti-stigma campaigns.

Information provided by Employee Benefit News.