Recognizing the Dedication & Commitment of Our Team!

Today, we would like to recognize and celebrate our very own for their outstanding service to Creative Benefits, Inc. Those highlighted below have been an essential part of our organization’s journey and success. We are incredibly grateful for the dedication and passion they exude each day.

Luz Mery Perez, Quoting & Translation Services

Celebrating 20 Years at Creative Benefits

“You are an incredible team member here at Creative Benefits. You always strive to do the best for a client or a co-worker. We see this when you go above and beyond to find the best plan, the best rates, and the best solution for any organization no matter the size.” — Gillian Conaghan on Luz Mery

Carolyn McLaughlin-Smith, Senior Benefits Consultant

Celebrating 15 Years at Creative Benefits

“You are the standard. From how I interact with clients and reps, to my dedication and work ethic, every aspect of my job is a reflection of the example you have set. I truly value all that I have learned from you.” — Rob Ritinski on Carolyn

Charmaine Harrison-Tummings, Director of ESR & Ancillary Services

Celebrating 15 Years at Creative Benefits

“Creative Benefits is thrilled to have you as part of our team. We can always count on you for a good laugh. You always seem to bring out the best in people and for that we are so grateful.” — Sherece McKenley on Charmaine

Kathleen Henry, Wellness Consultant

Celebrating 15 Years at Creative Benefits

“You are so caring and supportive of people, which has lent well to your roles in Human Resources and now wellness at Creative Benefits. You set a phenomenal example as HR Manager for those that have come after you and for that we will be forever grateful.” — Ruth Graham on Kathleen

Margaret Cottman, Account Management

Celebrating 15 Years at Creative Benefits

“You give 110% to our clients and in every aspect of your job. You make sure you provide the very best support for every individual you are working with or assist. It is a privilege to work with you and congratulations on such an incredible milestone!” — Jay Rogers on Margaret

Trish Stearns, Creative Concierge

Celebrating 15 Years at Creative Benefits

“What would we do without you. You are always so pleasant, upbeat, and caring. After every interaction with you, whether on the phone or in person, you leave a lasting impression — not just on us internally, but on our clients and their families as well. Your kindness is so appreciated.” — Christa Wisneski on Trish

Malorie McLaughlin, Benefits Consultant

Celebrating 5 Years at Creative Benefits

“You have this wonderful way of connecting with people and it makes them feel like they’re just in the best of hands. You bring this and so much more to every group, carrier, vendor and client we work with and we’re so lucky to have you on this team.” — Meaghan Alfano on Malorie

To Luz Mery, Carolyn, Charmaine, Kathleen, Margaret, Trish and Malorie — thank you for all you do, and your continued commitment over the years. On behalf of the entire Creative Benefits Team, congratulations and here is to many more years to come!