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Our Strategic Sourcing Strategy Drives Client Success

In 2017 the Creative Benefits team launched a timely campaign, Employer Empowerment.

Since the kick-off meeting, in early January, we are ahead of schedule with the successful completion of 3 strategic initiatives aimed to optimize the customer experience and drive desired outcomes.

Providing our client stakeholders, the:

  • CFO / Owner
  • HR Director 
  • Employees & Dependents

… with timely information, practical tools and live support to make informed and effective decisions regarding their health and welfare benefits program is a strategic imperative.

Below is an overview of resources we leverage to Empower Employers to achieve their financial and human capital management goals in today’s challenging marketplace.

CFO insights to improve bottom line performance and risk management strategies

For most employers, identifying and managing even just a fraction of their costs can generate significant savings. Changing plan designs is an incredibly tough decision for an employer. It’s hard to know how changes will impact the overall budget. However, sometimes plan design changes are necessary to manage costs, particularly when cost drivers could be reined in by adjusting plan specifics. Plan modeling allows managers to determine the best use of expensive resources and to engage in experimentation without taking on risks. Employers also need to consider how plan design changes will affect current and future employees—providing a quality benefits plan is of vital importance to attract and retain quality employees. The best solution to this problem is to engage in plan modeling. Plan modeling allows managers to determine the best use of resources and to engage in experimentation without taking on risks.

HR Manager content, technology and support to drive employee engagement and productivity metrics

Our HR-related articles, employee handbooks, employee communications, forms, benefit statements and a community of HR professionals will help you remain an employer of choice. We also offer you an employee-facing website—a quick and easy way to disseminate information to your employees. We will help you tackle your mounting employee communication concerns with benefit announcements, employee newsletters, and health and wellness resources. Additionally, we will keep you in the know with several monthly and quarterly newsletters.

Employee & Dependents becoming savvy consumers and maximizing plan utilization

Providing health care benefits for employees is becoming more complex and having a larger financial impact than ever before. With rapidly changing rules and new ways of thinking, you need a partner who can deliver the strategies, tools and resources that will bring health care consumerism—from strategy to execution—to your organization. Gone are the days when you could present a few plan options and let your employees struggle through them. We take you through a step-by-step process that will help you decide where to focus and how to move forward. We provide a suite of proven technology solutions that will analyze your plan data, model plan changes and predict outcomes, assess employees’ readiness for consumerism, move employees toward cost-effective medical service usage and disseminate educational materials and decision support tools quickly and easily.

To speak to a member of our team contact us at or call is at 610-325-0200 x3111.