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Virtual Open Enrollment — The New Norm

The coronavirus pandemic has forced employers to reimagine how they conduct business now and in the future. With many companies extending telework opportunities and seeking ways to limit contact in the workplace, employers are beginning to plan for virtual open enrollment.

Businesses have and will continue to face adjustments to accommodate their employees’ needs. In regard to benefits, convenience and education are vital for employees when accessing and considering their coverage for the upcoming plan year. Virtual open enrollment could consist of webinars, video tutorials and other relevant information accessible online to help employees better understand their benefits — which can often be confusing and at times overwhelming.

Three Tips for a Successful Virtual Open Enrollment

  1. Develop an enrollment process and communicate it to employees. Outline when enrollment is happening, how it will be conducted and communicate where employees can learn more about the process.
  2. Ensure employees have internet access and other necessary resources. If employees must enroll online, they must have the technical capabilities to do so. Employers are encouraged to provide these resources and ensure questions are addressed, prior to enrollment, to help avoid confusion.
  3. Distribute resources beforehand. Employees should have the resources they need to understand their benefits options, the enrollment procedure, and necessary forms prior to the time designated for enrollment.

Shifting to a virtual open enrollment process for employees can host many advantages. Employers can save on enrollment communication costs, while employees can access their benefits online at their convenience, regardless of where they are. Pushing employee engagement may also give them an entirely new outlook on healthcare and wellness for the better.

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