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Virtual Vision Care on the Rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has and continues to force many organizations to adapt and reimagine their service offerings to prioritize the health and safety of their employees. Since in-person visits to the doctor were put on hold in 2020, telehealth saw an increase in popularity.  This allowed employees and their families to access the care they need from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual healthcare visits were up 154 percent at the beginning of 2020 and nearly half of Americans expressed their desire to see their providers online. Research suggests, by increasing online access to eye doctors, patients are more willing to utilize their vision benefits while maintaining that high level of comfort. By removing in-person visits to the doctor, telehealth patients had greater access and equity to their employer-provided benefits and increased satisfaction as a result.

Routine eye exams and purchasing new glasses can be a costly expense that adds up over time, which is why access to high-quality, virtual appointment alternatives is becoming increasingly popular amongst the employee benefits landscape.

Approximately three out of four employees under the age of 40 said having access to technology and tools for virtual visits would make them more likely to schedule a routine eye exam. As a result, this source of preventive healthcare can cultivate a healthy, productive, and happy workforce.

As these opportunities for growth continue to be presented, organizations anticipate that the post-COVID-19 telehealth market will see real expansion in adoption and use.

Information provided by Employee Benefit News.

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