Lowering Out-O-Pocket Healthcare Costs

Ways to Utilize Telemedicine Benefits

Telemedicine is the delivery of health care from a distance through technology. These remote services increased in popularity largely due to the pandemic and have continued to remain relevant. The convenience, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility allow more expansive care for a larger group of individuals. Several types of healthcare visits can be done remotely:

Routine visits—with the permission of your primary care physician, you can shift your routine visit to a virtual setting rather than having to commute to an in-person setting. Many individuals switch over to save transportation time and money, allowing them to miss less time at work to attend appointments. Depending on your health plan, the virtual visit could cost less than an office visit.

Mental health visits—many individuals switch over to virtual mental health care for the same reasons they switch away from in-person routine visits. Another reason to choose telemedicine for mental health is for the comfort factor. While the stigma of receiving therapy and counseling has significantly decreased, there are those who prefer the comfort of their home as opposed to a clinical setting when speaking about difficult topics.

After-hours visits—some practices have doctors on call 24/7, and telemedicine allows individuals to seek care despite the office being closed. It is important to note that in a true medical emergency, a person should seek in-person care and not a telemedicine physician.

Beyond routine, mental health, or after-hour virtual visits, telemedicine is also a great option when in need of a non-emergency follow-up, a prescription for medication, nutrition counseling, or physical therapy exercises.


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