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A Message from Ruth

A new year’s message from our fearless leader, Ruth Graham…

“Welcome to 2014! It is finally here and now all the anticipation becomes Reality.

Much has been written about Healthcare Reform and what may or may not happen. The rollout for signing up on the exchanges has been problematic; some people are frustrated yet some people are happy. Plans are changing; some for the good and some for the bad. Pricing is going up for some and going down for others. Some are winning and some are losing.

No matter where you fall in these scenarios, confusion and doubt seem to be universal. While Creative Benefits cannot change the law, the pricing, or the mandated benefits, we can get you through it! Benefit planning is more essential now than ever. Communication with your employees must be straight forward and understood. Execution of new benefit designs must be implemented with precision.

We are ready, willing, and positioned properly to guide you through, not only this year, but the years ahead!”

Be Well,