Lowering Out-O-Pocket Healthcare Costs

Wellness Programs: Cost-Effective and Compliant Strategies

UnitedHealthcare has reported that “62% of participants in wellness programs say their productivity has improved, 56% have had fewer sick days and 30% say they had a disease detected thanks to these programs” – proving that wellness programs do improve employee lifestyles and decrease employer costs.

Rebecca Madsen, chief consumer officer of the Minnesota-based UnitedHealthcare, says that “73% of employees that do not have a wellness program want them, so offering these programs could provide opportunities not only in fewer sick days but also in employee engagement.”

Read ebn’s article, Wellness programs cut sick days, improve productivity, by Yasemin Sim Esmen to learn more about what employees want and employers can do. If interested in wellness initiatives for your company, email solutions@creativebenefitsinc.com. We leverage in house wellness experts to define a roadmap for organizations in implementing cost-effective and compliant strategies to identify a workforce’s most common health problems, reduce health care costs and improve productivity and morale overall.