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What’s Next for Healthcare Under the Biden Administration

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, debates over the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and various approaches on future public health strategies, healthcare was a core element of Joe Biden’s campaign for the U.S. presidency.

With that being said, employers can begin to plan and strategize about how President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will impact the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Priorities of the Biden Administration

With extensive plans to advance the nation’s COVID-19 response being a high priority, Biden’s health plan is largely organized around restoring, strengthening, and expanding the system in place under the ACA. However, due to potential congressional gridlock between parties, employers should be aware that the Administration’s efforts to expand the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid may run into some roadblocks along the way.

Concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and the Administration’s response, Biden has expressed he would like to increase the federal government’s role in the pandemic and lead a response focused on increased access to treatment, testing, personal protective equipment (PPE) and, in some cases, mandates and mitigation strategies. A few top priorities within the Biden-Harris COVID-19 response are to:

  • Increase Testing — Expand the number of testing locations and options to include home and instant tests and eliminate out-of-pocket costs.
  • Address PPE Shortages — Use a federal response to address PPE shortages, and use the Defense Protection Act (DPA) to increase the availability of masks and other PPE for communities in need.
  • Establish Additional Protections for High-Risk and Older Americans — Establish a task force designed to help equitably distribute COVID-19 resources and ensure the needs of the elderly and high-risk are addressed.

In summary, the Biden Administration’s healthcare platform will likely require both executive action and legislation. Therefore, we encourage employers to monitor what action the Administration takes, as well as the impact on the employee benefits market.

For additional information in regard to Biden’s healthcare agenda, click here.

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