Health Vision Month

World Mental Health Day – October 10, 2022

Originally established on October 10, 1992, World Mental Health Day has grown monumentally in the last 30 years. Each year, a new theme for World Mental Health Day is chosen, and this year the theme is “Make Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority.” In light of the disruption and social disparities caused by COVID-19, prioritizing mental health feels like a no brainer.

Observing World Mental Health Day

The World Federation for Mental Health provides the following suggestions when considering ways to observe:

  • Create a piece of art inspired by the theme and how it inspires you.
  • Design a “flag of resilience” which can be made using any craft to embody how you support and uplift yourself.
  • Self-reflect by listening to music and acknowledging how it affects you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Beyond art, you can focus on self-care. While self-care should be a common practice, you can prioritize yourself a bit more than usual on World Mental Health Day. Self-care can include:

  • Going to sleep earlier to get a better night’s sleep,
  • Choosing healthier food options to keep your body functioning,
  • Exercising to strengthen the body and clear the mind,
  • And engaging in a hobby to boost your overall happiness.

For those observing the holiday at work, you can organize a company-wide walk to promote exercise and strong workplace relationships. It is important to check in on your coworkers and offer your support when needed. Additionally, you can engage in a work-space cleaning, as decluttering is good for your mental health as well.


Mental health and well-being start on an individual level but have the potential to grow between families, communities, nations, and hopefully the world.